Noshire Games

Robin Bornschein

Tower Offense


Genre: RTS/Physics/TD Multiplayer

Platforms: Windows, OSX

Release: TBA

Tower Offense is a game about creativity, sharp wit and fast decision-making. The game is divided into short, intense matches in which two players try to beat the opposing "idol" while protecting their own. This vulnerable object is located behind a limited building space which players can fill by building structures out of different blocks. This structure serves to both defend against incoming attacks and spawn projectiles to hit the enemy structure and idol. The first player to score three hits on the enemy idol wins the match.

Players are given the choice between 8 different block types, each with unique properties. Some fire missiles, others spawn armoured airships, stun enemy blocks or reflect incoming projectiles. The simple interactions between these blocks and projectiles lead to a broad array of emergent and interesting situations.

I'm currently working on this game together with @muellerdominic. Follow him on Twitter!